Stranded? Don’t think so.

Uncategorized | October 6th, 2012

Really enjoying this tour. Spent the better part of yesterday doing a photo shoot with my friend, Rachel. Really have been wanting to update the website with pictures for quite some time now. She took me out to this old abandoned chemical plant for a few hours. Accidentally ran over Sam’s case while moving my truck to a better location. If I had just kept going, instead of pulling forward, it might have been fine since the *crunch* sound didn’t happen until I put the truck into 1st gear. Bottom line of tour, shit happens. Guess that’s the bottom line… Continue Reading →

The Broke Bitch Tour

Uncategorized | October 5th, 2012

When I started this shit on Sunday, I had $73 dollars in my pocket, half a tank of gas, and half a sandwich baggy full of quarters. My goal is to do this whole tour without any financial help from my husband, and so far, so good. 🙂 Haven’t cracked my bag of quarters yet, and the least amount I’ve had in my wallet when rolling into any town was 4 bucks so far, and somehow between the combination of merch sales and the little I’ve been pulling in off the door, it’s been just enough to keep the gas… Continue Reading →

So tour begins…

Uncategorized | October 1st, 2012

Still feeling pretty tired. Coming up close towards 3 months of sobriety now, and other than the occasional freak out day, I’m actually really enjoying it. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the party atmosphere though. Threw a house show Saturday, which meant spending the day prior cleaning my house for 12 hours, then waking up at 8:30am the day of the party to get an early start on errands before the party started at 2pm. Had a 10am appointment at Canopy World to get a new lock installed on my canopy, and got new hydrolic lifter thingys for the back… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | September 25th, 2012

My brain won’t shut off…so there’s this. It’s a rough cut from the recordings that John and I are currently working on. I wrote this song the night after I almost got raped by 3 guys in some bathroom near Philly Summer 2011. I got drunk and down on my self, and made an ass out of myself with this sound guy I’d been hanging out with. I was horny, and had just started my period. I was really fucking tired, but the mobile stage was being used to supply the music for the after party, which meant sleep wasn’t… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | September 24th, 2012

I feel like I live many different lives sometimes. Life is drifting, continually. Having a hard time keeping track of days, and hating that my next tour is only going to last for 10 of them. Everything is everything. Music with John seems to be flowing in a forward motion with minimal effort. We already have 8 tracks down…drums, vocals, bass…some guitar. You ever feel like you’re moving so fast that you’re not really moving at all? I’ve been feeling weird and unmotivated lately, even though I seem to be accomplishing many things. I think I just need to be… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | September 19th, 2012

and somewhere in it all, I just drift away, drunk on emotion…

Can Never Have It All

Uncategorized | September 13th, 2012

I want a teleportation machine So I could find you in a dream Live in all the moments that unravel me Live out all the secrets I seek but never speak For fear that life is a lie Let me live inside the moment Where you always look that way Combine the bests of all of you So I’d never have to stray Love is such a waste To only have the little tastes There’s so much I never say So much I still deny No matter how much truth I live There’s still those little lies My mind drifts… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Sobriety

Uncategorized | September 12th, 2012

I’m not really sure how long I’ve been sober for now. I know my last drink was before going to Idaho with Amanda. Feels like it was ages ago. Oddly enough, being sober at Punx In The Woods and at Dave’s bachelor party wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Good thing I was sober for the party bus though, otherwise, I don’t think everyone would’ve made it back…at some point we would’ve all wandered off to our own devices far away from the bus if I hadn’t been the drunk herder. What was hard was not drinking… Continue Reading →

Hard To Take A Compliment

Uncategorized | September 12th, 2012

So…my last therapy session was about trying to be more approachable. It is so hard for me to accept compliments, and I think I’ve been putting some of my fans off after a show when they tell me they really like my music. When I say “Thank You”, I really do mean it. It is so fucking hard for me to say “Thank You”. I used to put myself down instead. Despite what folks may think, I still have some self-esteem issues. I sing and perform, because it’s the best way I know how to release. I don’t do it… Continue Reading →

Stepping Out

Uncategorized | August 27th, 2012

I think what is scariest for me about the solo tour isn’t so much that I’m stepping out on my own now, and regardless of who joins me or not, I will continue on. No, that’s not it. What bothers me the most is how “out of the box” for me that it is. All my life, I have been wrapped up in the punk and metal world for the most part. A punk show in a friend’s garage, and then another at the Lion’s hall in Keizer, OR was my first introduction to any sort of community. I remember… Continue Reading →

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