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Rebecca aka ‘Zebrana Bastard’ is the textbook definition of Jack-of-all-trades.  Starting off her storied career at 18 as an exotic dancer with a mind toward conquering her nerves and learning how to command an audience.  She had a 3 year plan to take this knowledge and parlay it into a career in music at a time when most of us were still trying to figure out what we were going to do after we graduated high school.  Turns out she didn’t need the full three years, she was working with Church of Hate within the year.

She continued to expand her repertoire with modeling gigs and performance art, with sites like Deviant Nation, and performed at The Las Vegas Fetish and Fantasy ball in 2004 via AntiBabe Inc.  All of this augmented her overall vision and lead to such gigs as go-go dancing for Seattle mainstays, The Pleasure Elite.  From this position she got her hands in everything from costume design to merch sales, all of which would serve her to varying degrees in the future.

In a move that would foreshadow a long and illustrious resume of similar jobs, Rebecca owned and operated ‘The Industry of Sound’, an all-purpose events promotion machine with a focus on producing, managing and promoting local bands and artists.  This spawned a print arm called T.I.O.S. Tacoma which aimed to give voice to the Tacoma area scene.  She would expand on this pedigree over the ensuing years with a plethora of booking jobs both on a commercial level and independently.

Rebecca continues to this day to play in and manage bands, including a stint managing legendary purveyors of rape rock, The Mentors, on their June 2012 tour.  She writes, records, sings, plays bass and when she’s not doing any combination of the above she’s a regular Girl Friday slinging merch, driving or lugging gear.  There is no job too small and no distance she won’t travel to do it.  This uncompromising ethic is her biggest strength.
If I had to think of a single adjective to describe Rebecca, uncompromising is her to a tee.

– Matt Faure (October 2012)
Derby Deeds podcast co-founder/editorialist, Crypticon Seattle planner, music fanatic


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