Uncategorized | November 27th, 2013

This concept of sleep is strange to me. I finally gave up trying to get up at any certain time and my appearance escapes me. It’s like my body is still trying to function on tour mode, my heart is trying to function in home mode, and my brain just don’t know what the fuck to make of it all. I know I’ve been pretty manic here recently. I went from full on board to knowing what I wanted it and tackling it, to stressing money, to trying to get ahead of bills, to running right back into tour prep… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | November 24th, 2013

The thought that initiated my actions today and this post was that we, as consumers, are too far removed from our food. For as long as I can remember, my father has always been a hunter. I’ve had deer, elk, bear, and fish killed by someone I know for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite things is when the family gets together to package and process an elk that my father has caught because I like knowing where it comes from…however up until today, I have never killed anything on my own other than fish for… Continue Reading →

I’m throwing a show, at a venue…

Uncategorized | November 9th, 2013

…and if you’re in Tacoma, you should be there. It’s also the last big show I’ll be throwing before I get the fuck out and hit the road working for Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies again. You can buy tickets here… The flier was hand drawn by John Howard. Hit him up for some commission work!

Bi-Polar and Manic as Fuck!

Uncategorized | November 8th, 2013

Okay…so here’s the deal…I am going fucking crazy. I don’t know exactly what is I need to “fix” what ever the fuck it is that’s bugging me. I’m stressin’ money. I hate money. Also with leaving in about 3 months, when I wasn’t planning on leaving until May, is making me feel panicky and like I’m running out of time. I know shit will work itself out, it always does. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m super stress monkey right now. The good – we got the van fixed. Dan installed the new radiator in Gerty and all is well… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | November 3rd, 2013

Was honestly on my way to bed…lights off downstairs, head up the stairs, get ready to climb under the covers, then BAM! Had to pick the laundry up off the floor and put it in the hamper, which somehow lead to having to reorganize my closet. *shakes head* At least that’s done. My closet looks presentable now. I’ve been in a funk. It started when I got sick and I’ve been in bi-polar overdrive the last 2 weeks. Fucking stupid. My head has been a clusterfuck that’s been hard to sort out, and even though I’ve been making progress every… Continue Reading →

Perseverance mutherfucker…

Uncategorized | October 24th, 2013

I guess an update is overdue, at least I feel like one is. I’ve been sick since Sunday. A wicked cold has been kicking my ass, but I’ve still managed to leave the house at least once a day since this shit hit me on Sunday. Sick or not, I got shit to do. I hate being sick, it makes me feel weak and worthless. Two things I really strive not to be. You could say it’s been ingrained since birth…prove to myself I’m not what others who had a strong presence in my upbringing tried to make me believe…. Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | September 26th, 2013

I feel different. It’s hard to explain really, but an update was due, and many thoughts have been roaming around in my head. I started a journal, but I only wrote in it while I was on vacation…now the book sits. Untouched since the 17th of September. Pammy leaves for rehab on October 3rd, and I’m going to miss her. The daughter I’m too young to have is coming into her own. The last couple of weeks, she’s changed. I’ve watched it all unfold before my eyes. A goal is in her mind, it’s locked in, and she’s on target…. Continue Reading →

Home again…there’s work to be done.

News | September 19th, 2013

Back home after 5 1/2 months of touring, followed by a 10 day vacation. Won’t be hitting the road for myself again for awhile, I want to take some time to focus on getting the new album completed and stabilizing my business so production doesn’t stop when I’m on the road.

New Website Upgrades!

Blogalogin, News | August 29th, 2013

The website should be much easier for everyone to navigate now, I know it is for me. The credit for that goes out to my good friend and fellow musician, Chris Seth Jackson, who also runs a website called How To Run A Band. An awesome site filled with experiments Seth has tried out in bands he’s been in, as well as interviews, podcasts and more that all aim at helping you to do better in the music business…because yes, this is a business. I think I first bought my web domain almost 3 years ago and it took me… Continue Reading →


News | August 29th, 2013

So what happens when you put 3 girls who barely know each other in van and hit the road? Awesomesauce is the only way I can describe the last 6 days. We’ve been having a blast, and somehow we managed to form into a band…who knows how long it will last? All I know is it’s nice to not be on stage all by my lonesome. Every day has been filled with laughs and a shit ton of music. They are also great people who are super talented, and it’s a privilege to share the road with them both. 🙂… Continue Reading →

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