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Blogalogin, News | August 29th, 2013

The website should be much easier for everyone to navigate now, I know it is for me. The credit for that goes out to my good friend and fellow musician, Chris Seth Jackson, who also runs a website called How To Run A Band. An awesome site filled with experiments Seth has tried out in bands he’s been in, as well as interviews, podcasts and more that all aim at helping you to do better in the music business…because yes, this is a business.

I think I first bought my web domain almost 3 years ago and it took me two years and 4 site crashes before I was happy enough with it to leave it the fuck alone and still get the point across. There was a lot more I really wanted to accomplish with my website as far as integrating social media, the overall flow of navigating the site, and getting my blog off the front page. However, for fear of the site crashing again, I decided to stop fucking with it and let it be.

It’s hard to build a website, even with all the tools available. Maybe hard isn’t the right word…time consuming is more like it. I am a full time, diy, touring musician. If I’m not working for myself, then I’m working for another touring band, and if I’m doing neither, then I’m at home busting my ass to get my business off the ground so I have a stable source of income to fund my music career. This is part of why it took me so long to build my website to begin with. There’s a lot of shit to read if you don’t know what you’re doing and you keep fucking things up.

My website was extremely frustrating to get everything the exact way I wanted it, and I have been wanting someone to fix it for me before I had the time to get around to it. Your own, personal website is an important step in proving you’re serious about your project. It shows that you’re willing to invest in yourself and also insures you have full control over the content, unlike the ever changing layouts and rules that come with a FaceBook account or whatever other free forms of social media exists to help get your name out there. Also a huge bonus to owning your own web domain; NO ADS! Unless you want them…but seriously, why would you?

So anyway, I’m nearing the end of a 5 and half month tour season I started on March 30th of this year and a very long, tedious to-do list I have to tackle when I get back home mid-september. The web-site was one of the many things I wanted to tackle…luckily though, a random opportunity hit my phone via e-mail of a trade offer from Seth, and I jumped on it.

Everything Seth promised he would accomplish, he did, and in less than two weeks. I’m sure the fact that knowing exactly what I wanted helped to speed up the process of Seth fixing my site…but still…it’s done. I can update my blog, pictures, and more knowing that it’s easy for my readers to share it with others. My blog is no longer the first thing you see when you type in my web address, the menus are better organized so you can find everything easier, and he cleaned up all the clutter that distracted folks from the main focus of this site.

On top of all this Seth had great advice throughout the whole process, including suggestions I didn’t think about such as making it more phone and kindle friendly. No changes were made to my site until I approved them first and if he said he would get back to me in a day or two, I wasn’t waiting 3 or 4 days.

I am very, very happy with the end result. If you’re looking for something super fancy and flashy as far as your design goes, Seth will tell you upfront that it’s not his strong point. Anything beyond his capabilities will be revealed upon asking him, which is nice to. He is very good as producing something that works, integrates with all current forms of useful social media, and is affordable.

If you need some help getting your website off the ground and you want someone who is reliable, honest, and follows through, then definitely contact him if you feel this is a service you could use as well. Seriously, he just erased a huge potential headache for me. Now I can spend my fall and winter focusing more on the new album, my business, and spending a little quality time with my spouse.

HOW TO RUN A BAND with Chris Seth Jackson

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