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Locked Myself Out

Blogalogin, News | May 13th, 2020

When you go a long time neglecting something, life happens. I realize my last blog post in here was in 2015. I joined Patreon at the start of this year, and have been keeping up with the blog steady at least once a week on it. It’s a pretty nifty little platform, like an ongoing crowdfund where your Patrons subscribe to your content on a monthly basis, giving you freedom to continue your art, and if you have enough Patrons, you can just stay creating without going after a normal 9-5, and only being accountable directly to your supporters. A… Continue Reading →

Home again…there’s work to be done.

News | September 19th, 2013

Back home after 5 1/2 months of touring, followed by a 10 day vacation. Won’t be hitting the road for myself again for awhile, I want to take some time to focus on getting the new album completed and stabilizing my business so production doesn’t stop when I’m on the road.

New Website Upgrades!

Blogalogin, News | August 29th, 2013

The website should be much easier for everyone to navigate now, I know it is for me. The credit for that goes out to my good friend and fellow musician, Chris Seth Jackson, who also runs a website called How To Run A Band. An awesome site filled with experiments Seth has tried out in bands he’s been in, as well as interviews, podcasts and more that all aim at helping you to do better in the music business…because yes, this is a business. I think I first bought my web domain almost 3 years ago and it took me… Continue Reading →


News | August 29th, 2013

So what happens when you put 3 girls who barely know each other in van and hit the road? Awesomesauce is the only way I can describe the last 6 days. We’ve been having a blast, and somehow we managed to form into a band…who knows how long it will last? All I know is it’s nice to not be on stage all by my lonesome. Every day has been filled with laughs and a shit ton of music. They are also great people who are super talented, and it’s a privilege to share the road with them both. 🙂… Continue Reading →

Here we go!

News | August 18th, 2013

Just finished up 3 shows in Washington, hitting the road day after tomorrow and on to Vegas! I’m so fucking excited! Got a couple of awesome road companions which includes my new drummer “Latoya” and awesome songstress “Gardening Angel” aka Moriah who may be joining me on stage as well and slipping on to any available stage slots along the way. Come out and say hi! Listen to tunes we play from our hearts, and enjoy the moment for what is every day that you live and breathe. See ya on the road! -Z.B.

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