Whatever it is…

Uncategorized | June 28th, 2013

I’ve been the amazon, war-god, piggy queen
Back when I could run a marathon at 6’5, 6’10
Now I look back and smile, because I was there
Still miss the heels though…
Even without, life is good and I give myself to the music in so many forms
The music is a harsh mistress, but she gives back if you let her
My pussy’s still pounding with desire fresh in my mind
A kiss planted to remind me there was no time
The way it goes when you run with the circus
Now my mind drifts to the loves I’ve left behind
A married man I no longer speak to…
The man I married I work so hard to stay tied to…
The man who’s face glows under the lights of outer-space when he’s drunk and the sun’s coming up.
A thumb in my mouth
A moment in time
I miss the way the hand feels on my side and the feet intertwine
Listening to the same fucking song 100 times
Not even sure if it was meant for me…but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was
Mind drifts further back to a house in flames and love poured out through wasted lips
So much time has passed, and still I find myself laying there, smiling
I never think about another life
I live my life in pockets, some revisited more than others
The house wife, the childhood friend, the school mate
Here, I’m just the merch girl and your name won’t matter tomorrow, I prefer it that way
Now if I could find the time to share a moment with a kiss like the one I had a few hours ago…

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