Uncategorized | January 30th, 2013

So I’m staring at 2 broken printers, and 8 boxes of ink…and I’m laughing. After two weeks, it’s like you just can’t be angry anymore.

And that’s just the thing…nothing is built to last really these days. Even expensive equipment that you haven’t had for a full 6 months and have barely used. At some point, you just gotta look around and go well…what’s next.

I’ve been so fucking pissed off the last couple of weeks in dealing with this, that now it feels like sending emails to Xerox Tech Support is just another part of my daily routine. Email, then wait, email then wait…so now that I’m done being angry, what else can I focus on until all of this pans out?

Well, I’ve been booking dates…April is almost done, and I’m started to put more focus into May…which is also helping me to feel a little more at ease. I’m slowly feeling like the me I like more…the one that gets shit done. It’s hard to get shit done when walls block the way, and chipping away at those walls takes a lot of fucking work. Work I’d rather not deal with…but it’s all a part of the process. It’s kinda like sewing…everything is awesome until the tension decides it wants to do it’s own thing or you realize you have sewn the wrong two pieces together. So you take a deep breath, and go grab the seem ripper…you hate it, but you don’t know what you’d do without that little tool.

It’s a rare day when all your ducks line up in a row, and you have to learn to roll with it for all the times is doesn’t. If you can’t roll with it and find new constructive ways to occupy your time while your waiting for parts A and B to arrive so you can solve problem C…you’re going to spend a lot of days miserable and eating away at yourself.

So here’s my list of shit to do when ever I burst a flat on the highway of progress.

Artbook – A book I’ve been deconstructing/reconstructing for about a year now with lyrics, poetry, and found objects…it’s a work in progress I will add to my merch as a one of a kind item when it’s completed.
Experimental Project – Found my good web cam/mic combo, so I can record good recordings onto my computer of poetry, spoken word, and aggravation, then email it to friends who make noise and experimental music to collaborate with.
Airbrush – Still need to practice with it.

These are 3 things I can work on at anytime when I need a break from whatever the fuck is stressing me out. They are all great creative outlets, and should keep me from going stir crazy when I feel stuck on something. And I really do love Artbook…I have no idea when it will be done or what it will look like when it is finished…but it’s a good release.

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