Uncategorized | July 5th, 2012

For every measure of trust, there’s an equal measure of uncertainty that comes with the territory. Because there’s uncertainty, there’s also risk factors. Uncertainty, trust, and risk is all a packaged deal. How great the risk is generally weighed out by the known actions of whatever it is your putting your trust into. Specifically, I’m talking about people. Trust is hard to come by, especially when you’ve been fucked over before or let down numerous times. Trust is hard to build, and super easy to destroy.

However, once you decide to put your trust in someone, it’s best to go balls out, and keep trusting them up until the point where they give you a reason not to. Don’t be afraid of the outcome, and don’t question your decision once you’ve made it. Let go of the fear and enjoy the ride until you’re shown otherwise. This is what I’m learning, and this is what I’m trying to do more of.

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