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Uncategorized | March 9th, 2013

So…I just finished sealing up fliers to ship out to venues along with button orders tomorrow. A lot of progress has been made today.

My hubby helped me get the room cleaned up a bit, so I feel like I can breathe a little bit easier. Been in negotiations with getting a show set up in Lander, WY. I’m excited because it’s somewhere I’ve never been before. A friend of mine contacted me and his mother is helping me to set up the show. I’m pretty excited about meeting them, jamming, and performing out there.

Button orders have been fairly steady the last couple of weeks, so I’ve been nickle and diming away the small stuff I need.

I’m stressed, sure…but still being pro-active. Dan and I will be going to the bank on Monday to get everything squared away for the business account, and also inquiring about our options as far as obtaining an auto loan. I was really hoping our taxes would be in by now so we could slap down a decent deposit on a vehicle, but there is just no way. Every day that gets me closer to tour without knowing what the hell I’m driving makes my left eye twitch even more. I feel like I’m gonna have a fucking stroke before tour even gets here…I’m jittery and just thinking about the issue with my ride situation makes my eye go crazy. I’m used to the nervous stress twitch, but it’s never lasted so long.

So there’s that. Once I have the vehicle locked in, I should be able to relax a bit more. It’s frustrating the whole deal with our taxes. We filed February 10th, and they were supposed to be here by now…gonna point my finger and take my blame as a big lesson on not counting your chickens before they hatch. Thanks for that IRS. This is the last time I will spend money I’m expecting until I actually have it.

Got some more leads on places to sell hair flowers, which is cool…but with everything else on my plate, I’m really just trying to focus on launching the OFFbeatr project that goes with it. Plus, I’m just not nearly as interested in making hair flowers that aren’t porn related or custom projects. Hence the name, Porn ‘N Posies. The focal point is on the Porn…and I like doing bulk custom orders for other businesses. That’s my real focal point with that. My main goal for Porn ‘N Posies is getting into retail stores and selling at wholesale rates.

Honestly, I haven’t really had time to think about anything else. I know at some point I should divert some attention to my birthday party…but that can pretty much handle itself. I have my bartenders, and I think I have my door people, bands are locked in…I just need to clean the house. I did knock some of the cleaning out of the way today. Buttons and Hair flowers are taking over my whole house. lol

Tomorrow, I plan on doing another live show on I need to play, haven’t done it since recording with Scott at the Art Institute last Sunday…speaking of which…if you missed my last post…here is the first mix from that studio session.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Life is good, money sucks, and deadlines always bring extra stress. I’m keeping my head above water, barely…but I know this too shall pass. Every situation is temporary…doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. I will get through this, I will conquer this mountain, I will blink and it’ll be September all over again just like it has been for the last 3+ years. I even found out I have some extra time to breathe in between tours. Bob is leaving in May now, so I’m just going to meet up with the band in New York, instead of doing the tour that leads up to Europe. This is kind of a relief…not that I wouldn’t have made it work, but it’s nice to have more than 2 days to breath before heading out again.

Mine and Jeff’s Runnin’ ‘Till Buskin’ tour April 3rd-May 31st, Recording June 1st & 2nd, take Jeff back to Spokane June 3rd, small break to focus on business and home life June 4th-June 11th, Tour Managing Bob’s European Tour June 12th-August 13th.

To infinity and beyond! Honestly, it’s gonna be one hell of a Spring and Summer to add to the continuation of crazy and awesome experiences I’ve lived in for the last few years, I just gotta get through these next few hell weeks of planning and prepping. It will all come together, it always does. I believe in the power of my dreams. 🙂

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