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Uncategorized | April 16th, 2013

Life is made up of choices, with an adventure around every corner if you’re willing to seek it out. I am in love with life. An experience junkie, if you will. There is so much out there to take hold of and enjoy.

I feel privileged to have the touring companions that I do, even in the moments when friction occurs due to varied personalities. It’s all part of it. The ups and downs are the roller coaster of life, and if you manage to stay on track through all the dips and curves of the ride, you should walk away knowing that you survived. Hopefully, with a better understanding of the world as you see it.

We are 1/4 of the way completed with this tour, and it seems to be more fun as the days accumulate. Stress is always a part of the job, but nothing comes without challenge.

Life is amazing! I feel fortunate to have the friends that I do. I’ve met some truly amazing people in my lifetime. I would not be the woman I am today if not for the enrichment that’s come to my life through the friends that I have made along the journey. In touring, I have found wonderful pockets all over the country filled with more amazing friends and memories. Seems like all roads lead to home.

For the last 2 evenings, home has been on the floor of my best friend’s bedroom. When I think of all the laughs and tears we’ve shared since we first met early on in high school, it brings a smile to my face. It warms my heart knowing that there is always a patch of floor where ever she is, in which I can lay my tired bones for a spell. I always feel more complete in her presence, and I look forward to our next visit together.

Life is amazing. Something about being on the road that make me appreciate everything I have in my life. More so, its the people I’ve come to rely on and those who rely on me. It’s the whole tribe and the way we intertwine, from a kind word to those who hang in the trenches along side me.

Life is amazing. 🙂 I feel fortunate to have a life filled with art, music, and adventure. I imagine nothing else for me.

This is not a dream, this is my life. This is not a dream, this is my soul, my heart…all the millions of pieces and players who create significant memories that make up the whole. I am overflowing with love and joy for those in my life. I am overflowing with youthful energy that seems to be infectious, and all I want to do is help it spread.

There’s a fire in my heart that grows brighter with each passing day, and I desire to share it with everyone I come across.

This is freedom.

This is life.

You can’t buy it, you can’t vote for it, and you don’t need permission to obtain it.

I want to share my heart and work with as many people as I possibly can, exploring all the realms of my being. I believe the universe is inside of me, as it is inside of everyone. The key to unlocking it is to know yourself and express the very heart of you without fear of the judgement of others.

A single spark can ignite the world….GO. BE. DO. LIVE.

Live without regret, without worry, and without fear. Live without judgement, and forgive yourself when you fuck up.

With every rotation of the sun comes another opportunity to make better choices and choose better words. If this is true for me me, then it is true for everyone.

I love you, and I’m excited to meet you all. 🙂



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