The road ahead

Uncategorized | March 29th, 2013

The world I leave behind, now is nothing more
Than a lit and flickered candle on a distant fading shore
Filled with smiles, tears, memories, and all that lead to now
Who I’ll be if I return is who ever I allow

The girl that’s forged from lessons learned and turns along the road
Is now a woman strong, determined, as she runs again a path unknown

If black dogs run across the sea and carry me away,
Please understand, I love you all. It’s the most important I can say.
For I know not what lies ahead
Other than the leather as pillow beneath my head
And trusty Sam is at my side
To sooth what pains may come inside

In my heart, it’s I alone
But the company we share creates my homes
And across the world I’ve found my friends
In tiny pockets and moments lived

My heart, it hurts, I’m split in two
For the man I love and what I love to do

Still, I push…forever on
To live one more day, to write one more song…

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