The Problem With Xerox

Uncategorized | January 31st, 2013

So as many of you know, I’ve been bitching for the last two weeks about my printer. This is the last email I sent to Xerox Tech Support after they suggested I turn off the machine and unplug it, remove the toner, shake it up, put the toner back in, plug in the machine, and turn it back on to resolve an issue I’m having.

A quick recap on my last two weeks.

2 weeks ago (January 17th, 2013), I receive new ink, the very first time I’ve ever put new ink in my brand new printer. It tells me the toner is invalid. After trying multiple troubleshooting options, tech support tells me they are going to make a quick exchange for me, under the condition that I put $100 on hold to ensure I return the broken printer in a timely manner. I do this.

A refurbished printer arrives on Friday evening, the date is January 25th. There’s no return shipping label, but there is a letter telling me to call so I can print one out, or arrange other options.

I connect the refurbished printer to my computer, the first test print is fine, so I proceed with the printing job that is already 6 days past deadline. The prints come out terrible, and almost 50 pages later with trouble shooting from both researching the xerox site on my own and then doing everything tech support tells me to do, Xerox tech tells me it’s the ink and they will exchange it for me. I receive this email on Tuesday January 29th.

Meanwhile…lets rewind to Monday January 28th with the quick exchange. I call the number on the paper early in the day so I can get my brand new, malfunctioning printer sent back within’ the 10 day deadline. There’s no answer, I choose to stay on hold, and eventually get patched in to a voice mail message. I leave my name and my number, no one calls me back. I send an email that evening. On Tuesday, January 29th I call again, first thing in the morning. The ask me my email address so I can print out the return slip for my original printer. I can’t do that because the refurbished printer quick exchange sent me is not working properly, so they tell me they will arrange for FedEx to come pick it up from my house within the next 2-4 days.

Wednesday (yesterday) January 30th a box arrives containing my new replacement ink, and again there is no return slip in the box. I shake the new toner, and do all the steps I’m supposed to do, but there is no change in the way the printer is printing. I turn of the machine, unplug it, shake the toner again, plug the machine back in, and turn it on. I do this multiple times, hoping the problem is just that ink isn’t shaken up enough. The result? The same problem I was having before…although I do have an idea where the missing ink from the paper I’m printing out is going. At one point I opened the back of the printer thinking maybe I would see something causing the issue, and there is a light spray of black ink in the upper left hand corner on the machinery itself.

I understand you are doing your job, and please understand I am very good at following directions, I know what an off and on switch is for and how it works. I am not computer illiterate. This refurbished machine is not working properly. I’m not even angry anymore…now I just laugh to myself every time I get an email and wonder if I’m ever going to see the silver lining on this issue. My project is nearly 2 weeks overdue, and I’m not even mad about that anymore, I just want a working printer. I want to slide tab a into slot a, turn on the power, and have it do what I need it to do.

I’m also really hoping that when my 10 day deadline to return the original printer is up on Monday the 4th, that FedEx will have arrived with the return slip so I don’t lose the $100 you guys are holding on in case I don’t return the printer on time, even though I have done everything I was supposed to do on my end.

Today is Thursday, January 31st, and I’m looking at 2 broken printers and 8 boxes of ink that I can’t use. I really don’t want to think about the money I’ve lost out on for my business these last 2 weeks. Please tell me there is a light at the end of this tunnel.


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