The next chapter begins…

Uncategorized | July 14th, 2012

Fear sits like a rock in my gut, and the only way to overcome it is to face it. This next week is going to open many path ways, and I know I’m strong enough to face it, but still the fear is there. Hard doesn’t even come close to describing the challenges Monday will lead into. Every journey I take, every step that leads to a part of the process is as equally important as the last, and no matter what happens, know that if I ever said I love you, I meant it. I’ve never been the easiest person to deal with, and I offer no apologies for being the woman I am. To do so would be to deny that which gives me value as a human being.

I am working on a documentary, which teeters along the lines of a dangerous path. I’ve found a cause I am willing to die for outside of myself that coincides with being true to myself and true to my heart. Until it is finished, that’s all I’m really willing to share at this point.

I’m not saying that my life is in any immediate danger, but the same could be said any time I go out on the road into unknown pathways. Fact of the matter is you only live this life once and at any moment your very being can be wiped away forever, leaving a mark only as big as the lives you’ve touched. So many people have touched my life, and I’m not so blind that I don’t recognize some of those whom I’ve helped or harmed along the way.

Thank you for the love and support you have shown me (no matter how long or short that it was), thank you for helping to form my path of a meaningful life. You only live this body, this mind, this heart, this soul, in this form, once. Make it count.

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