The Newness Wears Off…

Uncategorized | July 1st, 2013

I stopped taking pictures of stone buildings…honestly, Europe feels no differenet than touring at home, except for the amount of people I have a hard time understanding. I like it here, but if you’ve seen one freeway or highway lined with trees, you’ve seen them all. Not that there isn’t spots of cool shit, but it’s still rinse, wash, repeat for the most part.

I do enjoy walking around and checking out new areas when I get the chance, and I love Holland and Germany. So far, they have been my favorite locations for the tour.

I love working for Bob. This is the most fun I’ve ever had being on tour, far as stress level goes and what not. For the most part, everyone is really chill, gets along well, and everything seems normal, like it’s been like this for years. I mean every tour has had it’s high point and it’s low points, but I feel a lot more comfortable here than I have in previous touring situations.

Europe is beautiful in some spots that don’t remind me so much of America, but the weather here hasn’t been that much different than a Washington Spring; a lot of rain and overcast.

I’ve been busy trying to get all of my tour dates locked in…for the most part, things are going pretty good, and I have my tour mostly booked or with dates in the works…still need to update my calendar, but I’ll get to it.

Finally made some solid contact back home and got to talk to my Dad, everyone in his household, Pammy, and most important of all, Baker. Dan seems to be doing okay without me there. As always, I’m trying to scheme a way to get out from under the mortgage and drag him along on my adventures…ha ha ha, maybe one day. I do miss his company at times, but more so, being in Germany and remembering all those talks we had before we got together about him wanting to move out here…Idunno, there’s so much he would really love. When I see shit that he’d be into, it just makes me wish he was here to experience it as well.

Every time I talk to him, he’s got a backlog of projects with more piling up. His bike is on the back burner again, and it was supposed to up be up and ready this riding season…but other projects got in the way. Frustrating…he’s so dedicated to his duties, that he rarely gets anything done that he wants to accomplish for himself. I guess at least he’s too busy to get mopy about my being gone for so long, but still…whatever, it is what it is I guess. He lives his life, I live mine, and sometimes our paths coincide…and he’s rad and I love him, and it’s better than not having anyone to go home to.

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