The Dancer

Uncategorized | May 5th, 2013

I’ve completely fallen in love with this song, woke up with it stuck in my head this morning…and by morning I mean when I last woke up. There’s so much depth and beauty in PJ Harvey’s voice. So grateful for all the cds I got from everyone on my birthday…they are not going to waste. I’ve discovered a bunch of new music…like Arctic Flowers…holy shit, that band rocks!

But yeah, really loving this song right now.

Last night, we played at ABG’s in Provo, UT. We kinda got added to the show by pure chance and sorta last minute. Dane, the owner is rad, the staff is rad, the food is awesome, and so are the patrons…to top it all off, we got to open up for The Hooten Hallers, which is actually a really killer band.

We met some really cool peeps at that show too, who have been housing us and introducing us to a lot of folks. Made some really good contacts for the next time we come through and have shown me that Utah ain’t really all that bad. There’s some good, weird, and interesting folks in this town.

We haven’t had any luck in getting any shows locked in before our show Wednesday, so I was kinda out of sorts and sketchy last night because I hate being stuck anywhere for any period of time and home life is stressin’ me out a bit…but I have enough to focus on with gathering cash to get new tires for the van and decent internet access so I can actually get what I need done in the cyberspace world.

I’m also hoping to get a bunch of video footage done and posted if I don’t get too tired and fall asleep first. We’ve met a lot of cool ass musicians along the path and I’d really like to get more of their stuff out there, plus a bunch of random shit from the random shit I’ve been filming on the road. So expect more from that.

Been writing some new songs, and have a bunch more floating around in my head, juggling the time I need to myself to get these things done has been hard. But today I was able to get a lot of shit caught up on, and should have some Porn ‘N Posies up in the store in the next few days. Always working, but if I didn’t love it, I’m sure I’d be doing something else. 🙂

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