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Uncategorized | March 2nd, 2013

I originally posted this as a comment on a friend’s facebook post as a response to wondering how different her life would’ve been had she joined the military’s defense department instead of choosing a path that lead to her current life. When she told the recruiter that she wanted to be a nurse, his response to her was that the job was for dumb people. Since when is choosing a path of caring for others a dumb way to live?

Anyway, here was my response to what she wrote, I thought it was worth posting here.

No good energy is used on wondering how the past might’ve worked out, because the past is who made you who you are today. I think you are a wonderful human being with a sensitive and beautiful soul, and no matter how good money looks, the damage that would’ve been done to your soul by going that route would be terrible. Do what you love, love what you do. Besides, anyone who tells you that your dreams are dumb is a liar and a terrible person. You are never dumb for dreaming, or choosing paths that carry out those dreams, in fact, to follow the course of your dreams is to find the path that leads to true happiness. Yes, it is hard…but so is everything else in life. The difference is that when the blood, sweat, and tears finally start to pay off, your reward will be that much greater in the end, because you followed your heart.

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