Runnin’ ‘Til Buskin’ Tour

Uncategorized | November 30th, 2012

My buddy Jeff and I are going on tour together for the months of April and May. I’m doing Zebrana Bastard, and he’s rocking his One Man Train Wreck project. We’ll also be doing a couple songs together like this one here…

We’ll be traveling as two separate acts all over the US, but also working on an album together that we hope to record when we get back. Dates are being added as they come in, so just because you don’t see your town doesn’t mean we can’t make it happen. If you know of a club, good place to busk, or whatever, please let me know. Just click the email link at the top right corner of my web page and shoot me a message saying “yo bitch, play here!” I LOVE house shows, so if you want to set up a house show, definitely don’t be afraid to hit me up.

Zebrana Bastard, from Tacoma, WA, is one woman with her acoustic bass singing about her life from the deepest part of her soul and can best be described as “Eclectic Blues”.

Hailing from Spokane, WA, One Man Train Wreck plays punk/country/bluegrass with attitude utilizing multiple instruments and is at current working on his first album.

Both acts are rooted in punk rock and American roots music and are willing to play with any genre of music.

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