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The number one question people ask me is when do I sleep? The best answer would be when my mind is at ease or when I pass out from sheer exhaustion. Exhaustion more often than the other.

I’ve been transferring footage from all of my drives onto the giant 4TB beast Tika got me for my birthday so I have enough room to film the European tour. Bob is paying me to make a dvd of the trip. I’m excited. 🙂

So many things to do, and never enough hours in the day.

I picked up my buddy James from Everette last night, and we’ll be trekking down to Salem here in a few hours. Gonna go get some qt in with my boys before heading out for tour. Can’t really spare the cash or the time, but it’s important to me to make this trip. If I ever write off Salem, you know I’ve lost my goddamn head. If that were to ever happen, I hope someone would shoot me off my pedastool and bury me deep.

I’ve got my packing list made out for my backpack;

Computer & Charger
Universal Adapters
Travel Itinerary
Extra Pens & Sharpies
Fuck Shirt
John Howard Shirt
BLM Shirt
Cut Off Shorts
Pink Pants
Denim Skirt
Bikini Tops
Fingernail Clippers!
Tampons or Diva Cup?
Blank Book
5 Pairs Panties
2 Bras
5 Pairs Socks
Extra External Drives
Cameras & Chargers
Extra Batteries?
Towel & Rag
MP3 Player

Honestly, I think I’m bringing one shirt too many, but I’ll be wearing one, so that’s one on me and 2 in the bag…plus I wear size small, so they shouldn’t take up too much space. I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting.

I’m glad I finally stopped being self conscious about bringing my vibrator…that was such a huge stress relief this last tour. I got laid four times in two months…yes, the vibe is a life saver…literally…without getting off for long periods of time, I start feeling like a goddamn powder keg. I’m not expecting much time to myself on this tour, it’s just what comes with the job. Being one of six traveling in a tiny ass euro van, I’m sure personal space will be hard to come by…but when it does, I will be taking full advantage of it with my blue little friend. ha ha ha

In about an hour or so I’m meeting up with a friend to grab some things he’s set aside for me. He works at a medical supply building, and I’m always excited to see what kind of things he has when he tells me he’s found something…I know part of the loot is a medical bed and the lift still works! 😀

I also have to get an oil change for the van before I head South, and somehow in all of this, beat the Friday traffic. I think I’ve got this. 🙂

I think I’m going to leave my computer here at home and just focus on spending time with my bros down in Salem. Saturday, I’ll be back up, finishing last minute button orders and what not, Sunday is for Dan…maybe getting coffee with my cousin and her husband because she really wants her husband to meet Dan, and my flight leaves Monday morning at 7am. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but not nearly as often as the schedule runs through my mind. With each passing day, it gets harder and harder to sleep. I figure I’ll sleep on the plane.

I do have Skype…so when I do come across internet, I’ll be able to talk to Dan if the time matches up. I’m crossing my fingers that it will at least a few times. I’ve never toured without my bass or without being able to pick up my phone and call him whenever I wanted to. I think that’s the hardest part for me in all of this. No Sam, no Dan. It’s cool…I got this…it’s either that or I throw in the towel now, and we all know that ain’t gonna happen. 🙂 I might cry myself to sleep sometimes, but I still get the job done, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

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