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I have had the privilege of working with some very talented people since blowing the dust off my bass back in 2007. I’m influenced by everything, and constantly adapting and growing within’ my ever-changing environment.
SHiT – Bass & Shared Lead Vocals Jan. 2012 – Aug. 2012

SHiT was a project from the mind of Aaron Tunnell that lived and died on the road. In 7 months, we did more than most bands do in their whole career, without a lick of talent or direction in mind. We toured all over the West Coast, landed a Midwest tour with The Mentors & Pottymouth, put out 3 albums, and went through more drummers than Spinal Tap.

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“tihs” – Musical Collaborator Feb. & March 2012

“tihs” was the other side of SHiT. 3 studio sessions turned into 7 discs of experimental music without any real direction what-so-ever. The first and third sessions was with Aaron Tunnell, Jason Bailey, and myself. The second session was also the 3 of us, but with the addition of a drummer named Alex. My contribution was mostly bass and the occasional vocals, but I did play keys and tambourine on a track.

The Assasinators – Bass & Backing Vox – June 2010 – Nov. 2010

Within’ 5 minutes of leaving Bastard Child I was asked to join forces with The Assasinators, a punk band from Bremerton, WA. Before they let me go, I spent six months out playing every weekend, did one NW mini tour, and got to be main support for legendary punk band, D.I. It was an experience I gained a lot from.

Bastard Child – Bass & Backing Vox 2007-2010

This project was a shared collaboration that began with Sir Edmond Taint and I, combining elements of performance art, comedy, punk, and metal. This is also when ‘Zebrana’ turned into ‘Zebrana Bastard’.

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