Lyrics – Wanderlust

Lyrics | January 26th, 2012

Well I was runnin’
Before I could walk
And I was angry
Before I could talk
Born broken, long before I could see
The embers of my family tree
With skellies layin’ down in the roots
And the worms all diggin’ for food

I find beauty
In broken glass
And when I’m bad
I’m a good piece of ass
I first left home at fifteen
Made friends with poverty
Been so wrecked, I got holes in my brain
And paper work that says I’m insane

I am skulls
And butterflies
And what you see
Ain’t some clever disguise
I’ve fallen in some pretty big holes
Guilty from a lack of control
Try to run my truck off the road
Every time I lose sight of goal

Well I’m driven
By the noise in my head
By the life that I’ve led
Music’s all that keeps me sane
Some times it’s so hard to maintain
Gonna pour my heart out on some strings
And live in my own reality

As I keep movin’
On down the line
And I’m leavin’
All my friends behind
But I’ll stop in for the next show
When it’s done, it’s time to go
Goin’ crazy if I stay too long
So I go, go, go ’till I’m gone
Go, go, go ’till I’m gone
Go, go, go ’till I’m gone
Go, go, go ’till I’m gone
Go, go, go ’till I’m gone

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