Lyrics – Unspoken

Lyrics | January 26th, 2012

It’s been ten years
Since the day we went away
It’s been ten years
And all that I can say is
The dark times are behind us
And you’re still my brightest star
It’s a love that can not die
You are the sister of my soul
We lived our lives
We paid the price
And I never could let go

There will never be a man
Who will know just how I fell
But I can’t deny the woman
Who thrives on their appeal
And just like when I met you
I feel so fuckin’ torn
Tortoise and the hair
She’s a fish out in the sea
In cheetah girl
And zebra girl
There’s a part not meant to be

There’s a yearning down inside
And this ache won’t go away
But I’m married to a man
Who I love just the same
In my dreams, we live
Forever runnin’ free
But I can’t deny
The sacrifice
Of my reality

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