Lyrics – Caged Bird

Lyrics | January 26th, 2012

Sometime I hate myself
But more I hate your eyes
The way you look at me
I can’t sympathize
Over years I gave my all
Unaware just wasted time
Completely almost lost myself
Completely almost lost my mind
I traded all my dreams
For shallow smiles and a hole
You hated everything
Your desire was control

A caged bird
Can’t fly
A caged bird
Can’t fly

Sometime I feel at loss
But then I look at you
I know I’m better off
Than in the days I lived for you
In breaking up the memories
Finally found some self esteem
Found my heart and now I see
That there was nothing wrong with me
My brain may be deranged
But I’ll embrace all that I am
There are so many things
That you will never understand

A caged bird
Can’t fly
I fly

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