Lyrics – Beautiful Days

Lyrics | January 26th, 2012

Woke up this mornin’
And I started to shake
Something inside
Is beginning to break
The sun warmed my head
As I opened my eyes
Today’s a good day
I can feel it inside

I drove to work
Goin’ North on I-5
Feelin’ the changes
And a pain in my side
Cars cut me off
But I just couldn’t shake
That this was the start
Of a beautiful day

Got off work early
Had a drink from the bar
Then I came home
To be right where you are
Thoughts warmed my heart
As I headed your way
Sharing your soul
Made for a perfect day

It’s hard to believe
That your heart finds me here
Day after day
And each year after year
Baby, I love you
And I just had to say
The way that you love me
Leads to beautiful days

And when I’m grey and old
It’s you I’m goin’ to hold
And when I’m grey and old
I know it’s you
I’m goin’
To hold

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