Lyrics – After Trauma

Uncategorized | January 27th, 2012

Will you give up the disguise?
You can’t hide those vacant eyes.
The only cure for the rape of soul
Is to stand and take control

‘Cause there’s life after trauma
Yes there’s life after trauma
And you’ll grow
As you go
Facing the flow

In the flood of tears you cry
And in the wounds and heavy sighs
There’s a child that wants to heal
And feel the warmth of something real

To breathe the life after trauma
Breathe in a life after trauma
‘Cause you know
There’s no home
Where it’s cold

I choose to be informed
Though the veil is hard to move
Pain and joy have their equal sides
And I have nothing left to hide

In a life built after trauma
I’m living a life after trauma
And I know
I found home
And I know
There is hope
No matter how low
No matter how low

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