Itchin’ to go

Uncategorized | April 3rd, 2013

I don’t think anything is worse than the last 24 hours when you have no where to be, not much left to do, and all you want is to be on the road. I’m glad Jeff lives in a warehouse, last night Pam and I were up all night, she was folding, counting, and labeling about 200 tshirts as I was working on locking in dates and other last minute shit.

Pretty stoked that I turned a 60w combo amp, 2000w cab, 400w head, and my black Ibanez bass into a 35 pound, 500w GK within’ a matter of hours yesterday. I’ve had My Beauty, my Ibanez since I was 18, and I got my 60w combo when I was 19 or 20, both as gifts from my Dad…there’s a lot of memories with both of those, and it was hard to part with my bass…but it makes sense and nothing comes without sacrifice.

Been busting my ass getting dates locked in and May is starting to fill up now…the van is packed so full there’s barely room for the 3 of us, but everyone seems to get along well, and I’m excited to tackle whatever adventures await us. We’re all eager to leave. nothing worse than packing up the van only to go nowhere…lol. Jeff suggested we take off tonight, and I started laughing because our first show is here in Spokane tomorrow. Wishful thinking.

My voice is still not fully healed up yet from being sick last week, so I’m crossing my fingers that it feels better by tomorrow night. It’s 7 straight days of shows before the next day off.

Regardless of what comes our way over the next 2 months, I’m excited, and I’ve got 2 awesome peeps to roll with.

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