I’m The Asshole

Uncategorized | October 20th, 2012

So I’m recording a new album (finally) 2 weeks from today. Super stoked. I’ve always been a big fan of an album reflecting the way the songs are performed live, and I found a local engineer that is just as excited as I am to do a completely raw album with just bass and vocals. I might do some harmonica too, but Idunno yet, and maybe even an a’cappella song. I haven’t fully decided yet. Not sure what he calls his studio, but I’m recording with Bill Patterson from Graceland 5.

If you recognize the style of artwork for my album cover, it’s because it’s the same artist who did the cartoon style artwork for my last band, SHiT. He’s also most notable for the Horny Biker Slut comics from the 90’s and the comic artwork in Buttman Magazine, John Howard. Check out his art, because it’s awesome, and him doing this artwork is literally a dream come true for me.

Since I have a little bit more time to think about this album, I’m doing a couple different things with it. Still finishing songs and relearning ones I’ve never played live, but so far I’ve got 14 tracks for it. That may drop down to 12 or 13 when I’m done. There will only be 1 song that’s a repeat from the first album, which is Beautiful Days (Slow Love Grown). I decided to re-record it because I’ve added the ‘Slow Love Grown’ intro to it and have changed how I play it a little. I wanted a decent recording to reflect that. Other newer songs to be recorded that I have been performing live will be; Adicksin, Sidewalk, Unspoken, Drifter, and The World Should Just Fucking Explode. I will also be recording Yellow Monarch, which I’ve only performed live once and that was in Yakima the last tour. I’m not really sure if I will ever perform that song live again, but I wanted to put it on the album.

Around 1:15 this morning, I finished the title track for the album. I started fucking around with the basic melody last week when I was jamming with Jeff in Spokane. This morning I was able to arrange the parts I wrote last week, plus add another. Usually the lyric part goes pretty quickly once I know what the song is about, and the last lines of it I had already been fucking around with when I first wrote the music.

“I’m watching the lines in the road…”

The first verse came from some words I had scrawled down a few months ago, and happened to be the 3rd or 4th sheet of paper I pulled out of the bits ‘n’ pieces pile. I had an edited version of the video I had done of this that cut out the first 2 minutes of bullshit, but I accidentally uploaded the uncut version. (I’ve been awake since 6am yesterday, and was watching 3 kids from 6am-4pm(ish), so needless to say, I got zilch done while they were here. Not that I mind, I love being Auntie Becka) So yeah, I guess if you want an in depth version of the process of what not, watch it from the beginning. If you just want to check out the new song, start it at 01:59.

I’m The Asshole

For all the time that we spend
Feelin’ lost on the outside lookin’ in
Are the moments that we’ve been missin’ out
On the days in our lives that we lived

Fuck your car, fuck your clothes, fuck your kids
And all your problems you bring on yourself
From out here, seems a petty waste of time
And I simply could not give a shit

I used to work hard for my scene
Now, too busy ’cause I’m workin’ hard for me
I’m lost in the current of the flow
And watchin’ the lines in the road
Just watchin’ the lines in the road
I’m watchin’ the lines in the road
Mostly, I enjoy it alone
Watchin’ the lines in the road

It was also partially inspired by a conversation I shared with my friend, Brad (Evil Tedd), the other day. There’s just a lot of things that seem so insignificant when you love being a roamer, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will. (Yes, I really just did that, it’s about the only newer Metallica song I can stomach, but my mom dedicated it to me when I was a teenager, and other than the “carved upon my stone” part, it’s true word for word at least during some parts of my life. I’m not gonna have a headstone, and I won’t be having a funeral.

Oh fuck…and this is why I don’t drink coffee…at least you’re only reading, and you can just stop if I go too long for your attention span. In another 15 minutes, I will have been up for 24 hours. I’m tired. My body is completely exhausted, but my heart is fully caffeinated…so ramble, ramble, ramble.

Honestly, I’d much rather just watch the lines on the road than listen to most people’s problems. Honestly I believe 99.9% of the folks who are medicated could benefit a lot more from some deep introspection and honesty with one’s self. I’m not saying I don’t rattle off a bunch of shit of little importance, because I know I speak fluent gibberish, mumbles, and Doomba Beast…but seriously. Is your drama really that important to you that you’re willing to let it affect every single aspect of your life? Breath deep, take in the beauty of the veins on a leaf sometime, enjoy the sunset on a long and empty highway…look up. Life can be pretty amazing if you allow it to be.

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