I’m a big girl now…

Uncategorized | February 27th, 2013

So I’ve been teaching myself how to write contracts, do tax equations, and a bunch of other business shit over the last week or so. It’s pretty frustrating at first, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

It’s just like anything else in life…if you look at the project as a whole, it’s too big and overwhelming, but if you can break it down into sections, and work on each section as needed, then it all starts to fit together and doesn’t seem so intimidating.

Also, having knowledgeable folks to check in with is nice too, because it helps to reassure that you are on the right path…and when I say knowledgeable folks, I’m specifically referring to people who have a proven track record of successful business practices. Your friends are awesome, but if they are repeating the same cycles of bad decisions, it might be best to look elsewhere for advice and guidance. Not that they don’t mean well, but it’s just a better option. Plus if things go south with your lawyer, accountant, etc…at least you haven’t lost a friend in the process.

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