I Stand

Uncategorized | July 2nd, 2013

I’m the woman who’s never satisfied
Commitment issues, I’m not sure…
Only sure that I won’t settle for anything less than this
This right now, this moment that brings a smile to my face
I can’t bring anyone with me
I won’t stay anywhere
Can’t sit still for too long, drives me nuts
But you will never see the beauty in the girl on the water
And you won’t know the sweat and blood it took to make those bricks
You will never hold the world in your hands
Too scared to try, too scared to move
Too scared of anything that doesn’t lock down
Or isn’t encumbered by a safety net
I scratch my head and look around
The tunes pounding in my ears
It’s in these moments I feel alive
When the sun beats down during a long drive
When the silence takes hold
I embrace my youth and turn to winds less cold
Love is a myth cast on an ocean of dreams
Yet in all these little pieces, it’s got a hold on me
Just enough to make me miss the feeling
Of a hand on my hip
And the kindness of your eyes in that single moment
When the world becomes an entanglement of you and I
I am not stone, my flesh is not cold
My heart still burns with a fire that’s blinding
As I stand strong alone

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