Uncategorized | February 21st, 2013

I really do live inside of my own head.

Progress is still being made. Button orders, flower orders…steady. Work it girl, work it.

Had a consultation with a lawyer today, get to see Thomas on Saturday, and Cheryl after that. Eric Burden too. Excited to see him perform again, that man can wail better now than he did when The Animals first started….such an incredible set of lungs.

Gotta take a step back, getting a little too cocky for even my comfort level…but work is good, and I love working.

Figured out why I prefer work to personal relationships. Less unpredictable outcome. Humans do not fall in line, they kind of waiver in and out, they are unpredictable and just…well humans. Work…comes with goals, deadlines, and tasks to accomplish.

I have no idea how to be in a relationship…that’s what I discovered. I do my best, I float in and out of lives…but this shit is still all pretty new to me. Dan doesn’t count…he’s different, always has been and that’s why I married him…but I still don’t know how he or anyone else puts up with me…because I am fucking crazy….

Anyway, check out this song my buddy composed. I love this kind of stuff, and I’ve slept on that floor more times than I can count when I was a teen.

The only reason life seemed easier with booze, is because I was too drunk to care about the depths of the damage I caused.

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