How I Feel

Uncategorized | April 25th, 2012

We’re a country of passive aggressive dumb asses that couldn’t be bothered to wipe our own asses if the roll wasn’t already on the dispenser and ready to go.

When we are mowed down, we will be laying in the grass in fear of clogging the blades.

This isn’t apathy, this is reality, and true anarchy is just not giving a fuck about anything that others are doing, and doing whatever you want. It’s not about standing together in unison, it’s about doing what you feel is right in your heart every day because it’s how you feel, and finding those who feel the same will be because you recognized the traits, and not because the crowd decided it was a good idea for now. People are naturally evil, we’re also naturally good, it’s the duality of life. When you stop fighting the darker side of who you are, and allow it to coexist with the natural flow of everything, you’re giving yourself new paths to clarity. Fight for the core of what you believe in, and fight for it until you can no longer draw in the breath needed to make it happen. If you’re not willing to fight/work for the things you want, then the least you can do is stop bitching about how you wish you were capable of more, because you ARE capable. The only one who controls your life is you.

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