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Strength doesn’t come from never knowing pain. It comes from rising above it.

Went back into my “normal” mode of thinking, or at least the one I prefer…which is the happy, get shit done Becka. I guess the nice thing about the bi-polar tendencies is they tend to be present less and less. Seriously had the most kick ass weekend I’ve had in a long time. SHiTfest was a fucking blast. Everyone who showed up rocked the fuck out of the house, and I remember just as much of everything that happened the same way I would sober. (For those who don’t know me, I space out frequently, and have frequent moments of being completely oblivious to a lot of things.

Tore the fuck out of my fingers while playing bass, which means I was completely enjoying myself.

The very next day (yesterday) we played up in Bellingham with some of my favorite people. Muppet Fetish and Dead Hookers tore it the fuck up. Muppet Fetish is a band that never disappoints. You know exactly what to expect, and they deliver every time I see them, always nothing short of awesome. Then there’s Dead Hookers, a band I have loved just as much as Muppet Fetish, and they 1-up themselves every time I see them play. I love it. We (meaning my punk band, SHiT) got to steal the drummer both bands share between them for our tour that starts next week, and he’s melding perfectly with us.

Fucking blows my mind the way we operate. Maybe Aaron is psychic. He said we’d find our drummer a week before tour, and lo and behold, here is with us now, just as Aaron called it. I wrote out all the songs we have, so we could go through everything in practice, and build on a set list. We’ve been a band since about mid January, and here we are at the end of May with 20 original songs and 4 covers that are good enough to entertain drunk people with.

Lots of good shit in the works. I made more progress on my kickstarter project (formerly known as project “x” in previous blogalogins). Still don’t have the video completed, but I’m not gonna force it. I’ve tried doing the same thing in each take of the video, so I do believe it’s time to try a new approach. I’m gonna let it simmer in my brain pot for a little while longer before jumping into it again. Not giving up though, it’s just hard, but not impossible. 🙂

Friday was a lot of fucking fun too. Went and sold merch for 13 Scars for their cd release party at El Corazon. Think I may have locked myself in as a solid merch girl-when I’m not touring-for those boys. They always play a killer fucking set, and the shows are always fun. The headliner for this was The Real McKenzies. I had only heard of the band before, but never saw them play or heard their music. I knew I was in for an a fun filled evening after a guy came walking by sniffing at the air. He looks from Paulie McKenzie to another man and says, “on of you fellows smell real pretty”, then stands next to the one guy who says, “it’s not me.” So he walks over and takes a whiff towards Paulie. “I do believe it’s you sir, you smell mighty pretty.” and Paulie laughs, “well I had to do something, I been wearing the same outfit 2 weeks now.” (imagine a bright, Scottish accent with that). About 15 minutes later, they were going through the most entertaining sound check I’ve ever had the privilege to sit through. I was lucky enough to have my merch table set up right next to The Real McKenzies table, and it was awesome seeing how much Paulie truly loves what he does. He was at the merch table the whole time up until they played, socializing with fans. A huge smile on his face the whole time. We spent the evening joking with each other, drinking his beer, and having many great laughs. Every band that played was fun and awesome in their own way, and then when The Real McKenzies played, it blew my fucking mind. I have never seen a band that big where every single player seemed to be completely enjoying themselves, lost in the moment. And Paulie sang beautifully. The entire show was incredible.

Seriously, even if you think you hate the bag pipes, you will LOVE The Real McKenzies. 🙂

Super stoked that some of my core showed up to the house party I threw Saturday. Autumn, Charlie, Amanda, and James(aka Moses) were smiling faces in the awesome crowd of peeps who showed up. I love throwing parties, and love bringing people from all walks of life together in the kind of environment that Hotel Baker provides. Seriously, all the kind words people share with Dan and I makes us feel more than appreciated. You all help to make our house feel like a home. Here’s to almost 4 years of successful shows, each one more memorable than the last.

The cake Angel Made

I have some press releases that need writing among other work type things I need to catch up on, so Imma jet….zoooooooom! 🙂

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