Get What You Give

Uncategorized | May 21st, 2013

What gives you the right
To piss on my parade
The jealous eyes and anxious thoughts
Do nothing for you

As you sit and stew, chomp and chew
On the negativity that floods your mind
You do more damage to yourself
Than I think you realize

I am a ray sun, a light of hope
A child exploring the world
I can find joy in a blade of grass
This does not mean I am not tired or that my bones do not creak and crack

My heart, it hurts
Still I push on despite the clouds that cover
Or the rain that pours, trying to soak my bones
I don’t owe you anything

I give you the world, but still you want more
I give you opportunity, and you piss on it
I will spend no more time on this
No more time on you when this journey is done

Each day is a new day, with a new window of a hope
A new opportunity to do something extraordinary
If that is your choice

Me? I am nothing more than the captain of my ship
I steer to each port, never knowing what the waters will bring
Exhausted, with weary eyes I search for the sun
Search for the stars…
Pushing myself to new limits and new heights

The harder I work, the more ground I will cover
For me, that is all there is
I would rather feel weary and exhausted
Than to sit uncomfortably, never taking a chance

It is all or nothing, so I invest myself
All of me, the heart of me…
Leaving so little unexposed
In return, I gain the world

You see it all, stretched out before your eyes
But still you do not believe that this can be truth for yourself
You watch, like I am some anomaly granted a special permission
My soul cries for you and all you deny of yourself

Damn my bleeding heart
Damn my weakness for damaged creatures consumed by petty thoughts

Amidst the frustration I feel
I still see the good in all of this

I am counting the days to my freedom from these clouds
Counting my days to a new adventure
Counting my days to fresh spirits
And a new world to explore

I have given you the tools
Been the best example I can be
The rest is up to you
I wish you the best of luck

When you forget the world is out to get you
Your smile is radiantly beautiful

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