Formalities Aside

Uncategorized | May 5th, 2013

I can be your perfect anything
Until it comes time to leave
It’s the leaving part that’s hard for you to take…
But in the lifetimes I’m gone
You can create me to be whatever you want me to be
Need me to be
I’m only there a short while
Dream girl
Reliable one
Beautiful one
A tight pussy that soothes your pains
To me it’s all the same
A moment of peace for a lonely soul
I just want a safe place to get off
Does the damage ever take it’s toll?
I’m invisible…poof, I’m gone
And I love in my own way…yes I love, I guess, whatever that means
If love is staring at the pain in someones eyes as I guide there hands down
Down to the crevices and holes
Allowing things to take place in the safety of solitude only 2 people fucking can share
I must be horny…
Don’t say you’ll miss me
Don’t say you love me while rolling around on the floor
Don’t offer your key
Don’t say anything but goodbye, or maybe a “I’ll see ya next time.”
Only the music can sooth what I crave
Only the music understands
No matter how much you’ve got me figured out in your head
I’m still poison
As the sickness takes hold, I leave a permanent mark
This isn’t love babe, this ain’t shit but an animal reaction
I don’t really care as much as I just know what to say
I’m already gone before I make it to the door

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