Uncategorized | June 15th, 2013

I love this. I am home. The world is small and the road is my home. My companions felt like family the first night, and I am loving every moment of this. Everyone is a little quirky, and I love it. Bob drives like the world is his rollercoaster and I love that too. There’s uncertainty at every turn. If I die I don’t care and once again, I have reaffirmed that this is all I want for my life. Getting to see one of my favorite musicians play every night is a nice bonus, but that’s how I’ve always rolled when working with a band because life is too short to work for a band you don’t enjoy.

I don’t feel like I ever left the US and I realize it’s because I don’t really live in the US. I live in motherfucking Becka land, and in Becka land you blow bubbles, you fart and laugh about it, you work hard, you make funny faces, you dance in the grocery isle when that right song kicks in, and you don’t give a single flying fuck about shit that don’t matter, because when I’m in full on Becka land I enjoy the moment for what it is, and that’s every moment that comes along…freedom…that’s what this is, and now that the world is officially my playground, I sure as hell ain’t looking back. Not now, not ever.

I hope to fly into outter space before I die, I think that would be kind of cool.

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