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Life is interesting. Europe was pretty fucking awesome, and I can’t wait to go do it again. Been home a few days now, and the first show of my late summer tour is tonight. Just realized I forgot to make the flier for the Olympia show tomorrow…but it’s cool.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been catching up with some Dan time and working on my motorcycle. I’m gonna learn how to ride once he’s up and running. I held the fairing up to his headlight and he told me his name… “One Eyed Monster”. 🙂

I have wasted no time in the few short days that I’ve been home. I have to scrap the bass tracks I laid down before tour because my bass was broken, and there was a weird buzz you could clearly hear in the recordings…shit happens. Good news though, the 2 months I spent in Europe working for Bob gave me a lot of down time to think about what I wanted to do with recording. I’ve decided to do a full album with full instrumentation. I’ve been talking to friends about stepping in to do some studio tracks for me, and so far everyone has been happy to do it.

Also, while away, I got a message from a drummer that really wanted to try out for Zebrana Bastard, and had spent some time practicing with my second album, so I said, sure, why not. Yesterday, Latoya came over and set up her kit. We jammed for a little over two hours, along with my guitar tech and fellow bassist, Todd Smith of TS Customstuff.

There’s at least one song on the new album I’m working on that I want double bass parts for, and since it had been a couple of years since he played any of my songs, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have him along for the open jam session.

The general idea was just to fuck around with some songs and see how her drum style meshed with my style. I had played some music featuring drummers who’s drumming style I liked for her, but had never heard her drum before other than one YouTube video from a previous band she had been in.

Other than her not really knowing the songs and where they change and grow louder or quieter, it sounded really good. She says she’s 100% dedicated to the project and is excited to continue working with me, so we’ll see how things go when I get back from this next tour.

I’m hopeful, but I don’t want to get super excited to have everything fall through as it has in the past. She wants to tour, has overseas touring experience, and all she wants to do is play drums.

I’ve decided after this next tour, I’m going to take a break from touring for myself so I can focus on my next album. I’d really like to a find a lead guitarist with a metal background who also plays bass and cello. If I can make this project a solid 3 piece, I’ll be set without having to get a bigger van. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

Tonight, starts my first show of tour. A free show in Seattle at Bernard’s for Joe’s Underground. I’m looking forward to it playing, even if I’m not up to par with where I want to be after 2 months of not playing. Full speed ahead, right?

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