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Uncategorized | December 2nd, 2012

So I’ve been thinking a lot about a million things here lately as I’m preparing for the tour in April. Due to my limited funds, it’s forcing me to be a bit more creative with my options. Instead of looking at being broke as a bad thing, I’m taking it on as a challenge of what I can come up with that suits me as far as merch goes.

My project is unique. My voice is weird in that I don’t really sound like anybody, and I play solo with an acoustic bass. I also live inside my own reality, so with some inspiration from Hemlock, I’ve decided I want my merch booth to be just as much an extension of myself as my music is or anything else in my life. This plastic tote bullshit is fine, and it works…but it’s not really what I want. I’d much rather have a little artist boutique with childlike influence, because that feels more like me.

I’m still waiting on that fucking quarter capsule machine I purchased from Ebay over 2 weeks ago now, but it’s part of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how my music doesn’t always match my mood, and I’m working on that too. The nice thing about not really giving a fuck about what anybody thinks is that you can mold yourself and change when ever the hell you feel like it. I’ve been Zebrana Bastard for years now, but I’m not always singing sad songs.  After I release my next album, I’m The Asshole, I’m going to start working on 2 other albums. One is called Life After Trauma, where I’m hoping to have a bit more upbeat songs and start singing about what’s going on in my life currently. The other I’m not going to share the title until it’s done, because I feel like it’s a pretty rad title, and it’s going to be a weird, spoken word album. 🙂 But I am excited. I also want to buy a synthesizer keyboard really fucking bad, but that’s just piled onto the list of other things that will just have to fucking wait. 🙂


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