Breathe Easy

Uncategorized | January 29th, 2013

You get to this point where everything feels like a dream you’re just kinda floating through, and you wonder…has it been too long? Have I lost my edge? I’m so fucking broke man…and you think you’re crazy…but at the same time, you’re like fuck that…fuck all that negative bullshit. Truth is you’ll be fine…just breathe deep ’cause you got this…you were born for this moment and all the others that follow. It’s in your blood, it’s the driving force that’s always been there…pulling you ever forward into the next turn.

I really miss driving though. Sitting up here in this room day after day really can’t be good for me. And I’m out of my vitamin D3 supplements…

This is where Brad would look at me and laugh, and say, “ha ha, it’s all gonna come together, because that’s what it does.” And he’d be right.

Really, this is no different from any other day when the odds are against me…keep pushing through, because at some point, something has gotta give, and the wall-or whatever it is that’s blocking my way-will crumble.

Life is one epic fucking journey, and the world is about to get a whole lot smaller.

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