Quick Update = Awesome

Uncategorized | January 22nd, 2013

So a lot has been gong on here, but to keep a long story short, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on with me.

New girlfriend = awesome

Cd release show = awesome

Winter blues = not so awesome

More tour dates booked = awesome

Format got changed for both my websites = not so awesome

Learning how to rebuild site = okay, slow going

Rebuilt www.buttonwhore.com = looks awesome

Getting new ride for tour in March = looking like a good posibility

Out of vitamins = not so awesome

Broke as shit = not so awesome

Learned how to accept love = pretty fucking awesome

Still crazy = sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes not so much

Still playing shows = awesome

Not on the road = Still hard to deal with but….


Turning 30 in March = Awesome

I also have some of the most amazing fucking fans/friend. You guys are rad and beyond fucking awesome! I love you.

Peace out.


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