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Uncategorized | May 30th, 2013

Life belongs to the doers of dreams. I believe that.

I am so fucking exhausted and this cold is kicking my ass. Long hours of driving with little to no sleep, on top of being sick…honestly it sucks right now in this moment. I can’t stop coughing; body aches are taking a strong hold on my muscles, and I’m still fighting a migraine behind my right eye.

So anyway, enough with the bitching…I have a lot to be grateful for, and this tour has been fucking amazing. A lot of wonderful friends made, a lot of older contacts coming through on shows and making shit happen right at the key moment I needed it to happen. I made lots of new friends sharing their couches and the contents of their fridge, and I thank you all. Yes, I make the first move by being willing to step outside and I take a lot of risks both financially and just from everything that comes out of swimming in the unknown, sharky waters of the music world as a solo woman. However, without all the amazing people I meet along the way and those who have been huge supporters of my crazy life for years…I would’ve never made it very far.

When I needed tires, you guys came through. When I needed gas money, the kindness of strangers who are now friends blew my fucking mind. Every single person who has helped from as much as a listening ear when I pour my heart out on stage to a big lunch, breaking up the steady ramen diet, you are all part of my journey, part of my adventure, and I could not have done it without you. This includes Jeff and Pammy. It’s hard to live in a van with anyone for any amount of time, and I’m glad we never exploded on each other enough to replace hate for love.
Tonight, I’m playing an impromptu house show in Missoula, MT, and tomorrow is Bellingham, WA. After that, it’s on to Seattle to record with a friend I rarely see any more since the end of TPE. I’m still not sure if I’ll get the gas I need to make the rest of trip and get home, but I’m hopeful and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my throat chills the fuck out so I can produce a decent recording Saturday. I will be home the night of the 1st, looking forward to curling up with the Baker and watching the 2nd installment of the new rendition of Berserk.

I get to rest for a little while before taking off for a 2 day mini vacation in New York on the 10th…then on to another 2 month tour as an Outlaw Carnie Road Dog. I’m really looking forward to Europe. I’m looking forward to touring with Bob, because he’s a fucking weirdo and very similar to myself in some of his mannerisms. I don’t think it will fully sink in until my plane touches down the 13th and I won’t understand a word anyone is saying outside of the 6 of us…but I am excited and eager to go. That will be one hell of an adventure…tour managing a European tour, and all I speak is American English and a little bit of Spanish…yikes! Ha ha ha

Take care every one; I will see you when I see you. Life is still amazing; I just wish this fucking cold would go away. Gonna go drink some more tea and veg a little while longer before the show. Love you all so fucking much!


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