$250 to Vegas…

Uncategorized | November 28th, 2012

…and that’s one way. Not really that bad when you look at it that way. Maybe I will leave in January.

I’m a very, very, very, very impatient person. I like immediate gratification, which makes it hard sometimes. Makes it hard a lot of times, but I calm down. If you’re not used to me, it can be very off-putting. I’m good like that I guess, but eh…we all have our flaws. I had 2 days with not much of anything going on, and it put me in this stupid funk where I felt like it was the end of the world or something. Not referring to this Dec. 21st bullshit, because I don’t believe in that. I think it also had to do with me nearing the end of my PMS cycle. I get so fucking irrational for a couple of days, then BAM…I’m fine. I fucking hate being a woman sometimes…but anyway.

So fucking stupid to stress on two days of nothing, when I really look at it, I’ve got a lot accomplished in a very short time. Sold enough hair flowers to buy more supplies, and have so many things cooking up on the griddle, that it’s going to make a meal one way or the other. It just sucks when you work really hard and make money at it to just turn around and have to put that money back into supplies, but realistically, I’m not doing that bad. Button orders have been slower than usual, but it’s winter and holidays, everything tends to freeze up this time of year. I’ve paid for recording thanks to buttons, have filled my gas tank thanks to buttons, and will be releasing my next album thanks to buttons…which is really thanks to everyone who’s bought my buttons. I’m broke all the time because I keep spending the money on shit I need for Z.B. which is how that’s supposed to work.

Got stickers due to arrive tomorrow, along with another shipment of button supplies, and waiting on a new toy for my merch table that I scored on Ebay.

I have all these ideas of things I’d like to do and want to get done, but I want to have everything now, so I can get it all done now…patience. Out of all the gifts I was lucky enough to be born with, that one really eluded me. I guess it’s not really that bad in the grand spectrum of everything really, and I have been learning it effectively in other areas of my life, so maybe eventually it will bleed over into all aspects of my life, and I can really get the hang of this whole patience thing.

Holidays were awesome. First time in a few years I spent Thanksgiving with my dad. It turned out to be a lot more chill than previous years. Friday, we went over to Lee’s house for a small gathering ready to pig out and play some tunes. I was PMSing pretty bad that day too, so I was a bit more quiet than usual, but I really did enjoy it. Then Saturday was Misfit Turkey Day, which I love, and is my favorite, most chill day of the year. Lots of good food, mellow company, and this year with music. Music makes the world so much better. 🙂

I’ve been getting better at my harmonica too. If I played it more often, I’d really have the hang of it…but it’s something I just do for fun. Not anything I’m super passionate about.

I’ve been frustrated because I’ve also been having a hard time finding shows…but I forget that what I want and what I need aren’t always the same thing, and life always has a way of working itself out to accommodate exactly what you need when you need it. Again, the whole patience thing. I swear life is just going to keep beating that virtue into me until I finally master it. We’ll see.

Anyway…here’s a rough sample pre-mix/mastering of what’s to come on the new album. It’s the title track.

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