The Road Divides

Uncategorized | May 23rd, 2013

Around 5am, I dropped Jeff off at a Greyhound station today. There’s nothing really else to say. Now it’s just me and Pammy with 8 days left to go.

We all make our choices in life, and this morning I made mine. It’s been hard to wear my smile the last couple of weeks, and we’re not compatible for the road.

So…here we go, 8 days…3 shows, maybe 4, and whatever I can pick up along the way…Tacoma is 2500 miles away, and I have about $200 in my pocket. I’m sitting at Stone Tavern in Kent, OH, enjoying the art on the walls, the music pouring out of the speakers and the noise you hear that’s created by multiple people engrossed in their conversations. I am at peace.

I’ve decided I’m not going to pay my traffic violation right now, and I’m not going to worry about it. There’s more important things to deal with, and it will be a bit before I go back to San Francisco.

I stopped in a little music store, and they actually had a U-Bass. So I played it for a bit and decided it’s not really for me. The strings are weird, and the way I play, I would destroy them. Not practical for the price. Still a cool little instrument. I wandered upstairs and sat down with a cello and a bow…played what I hear in my head for some of my songs…and yes…I need a cello. That’s the next big purchase. It’s something like 3 grand for a decent one.

Every word of my songs are true. They aren’t just words…this is what I keep thinking…if you think that you are an exception to how I feel about life, you are wrong. Doesn’t matter who you are. I don’t care about your petty bullshit, and while there’s a lot I can put up with…there’s a lot that I won’t. My heart hurts right now, I’m guessing it’s going to be a good purge tonight. The vibe at this bar is good, but as it seems to be everywhere I go.

As far as the gas situation, the lack of shows, and the distance between this home and the one I keep in Tacoma…the road will provide. It’s got me this far…it’ll get me back to Dan. 🙂

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