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The Newness Wears Off…

Uncategorized | July 1st, 2013

I stopped taking pictures of stone buildings…honestly, Europe feels no differenet than touring at home, except for the amount of people I have a hard time understanding. I like it here, but if you’ve seen one freeway or highway lined with trees, you’ve seen them all. Not that there isn’t spots of cool shit, but it’s still rinse, wash, repeat for the most part. I do enjoy walking around and checking out new areas when I get the chance, and I love Holland and Germany. So far, they have been my favorite locations for the tour. I love working for… Continue Reading →

Whatever it is…

Uncategorized | June 28th, 2013

I’ve been the amazon, war-god, piggy queen Back when I could run a marathon at 6’5, 6’10 Now I look back and smile, because I was there Still miss the heels though… Even without, life is good and I give myself to the music in so many forms The music is a harsh mistress, but she gives back if you let her My pussy’s still pounding with desire fresh in my mind A kiss planted to remind me there was no time The way it goes when you run with the circus Now my mind drifts to the loves I’ve… Continue Reading →

CD Review – Songs In The Key Of A.D.D

Uncategorized | June 23rd, 2013

Album: Songs In The Key Of A.D.D. Artist: Mr Plow What I love most about Mr Plow is his straight up “don’t give a fuck” attitude, which is-to me-what punk rock is all about. His is the voice of an angel…ya know that one angel behind the triple X arcade that’s been smoking 30 packs of cigarettes a day for the last 20 years in between all the 5 dollar blow jobs and handies she was dishing out as the fellers left the arcade. When she speaks, the experience shines through and you no longer care how big a package… Continue Reading →

Fuck staircases

Uncategorized | June 19th, 2013

So I get why most Europeans are so thin. They eat smaller portions and things like elevators and escalators are rare finds. We really are fat and lazy…speaking of the majority of Americans. We’re in London with a day off, leaving for Glasgow tomorrow. Bob booked us at a hostel for last night and tonight. Our room is 4 flights up a spiral staircase. I want to die when the heavy breathing starts about halfway up. Tour is still fucking awesome, it’s been a little over a week now, and I feel like I’ve been here forever, while not very… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | June 15th, 2013

I love this. I am home. The world is small and the road is my home. My companions felt like family the first night, and I am loving every moment of this. Everyone is a little quirky, and I love it. Bob drives like the world is his rollercoaster and I love that too. There’s uncertainty at every turn. If I die I don’t care and once again, I have reaffirmed that this is all I want for my life. Getting to see one of my favorite musicians play every night is a nice bonus, but that’s how I’ve always… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | June 9th, 2013

This morning, I woke up in Salem, OR. I woke up late and high tailed it back to Washington to catch a going away party for some dear friends who are moving away to a small, art community of a town on the other side of the mountains…I barely made it, but I made it, and I’m glad. I work so hard and I don’t really complain about it ya know, because I choose my life. I enjoy staying up late into the early parts of the morning and sleeping until 10:30, 11am. But I about lost it today. There’s… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | June 7th, 2013

The number one question people ask me is when do I sleep? The best answer would be when my mind is at ease or when I pass out from sheer exhaustion. Exhaustion more often than the other. I’ve been transferring footage from all of my drives onto the giant 4TB beast Tika got me for my birthday so I have enough room to film the European tour. Bob is paying me to make a dvd of the trip. I’m excited. 🙂 So many things to do, and never enough hours in the day. I picked up my buddy James from… Continue Reading →


Uncategorized | June 7th, 2013

I woke up about 12 hours ago, looked at my clock and groaned…I really hate waking up so late in the afternoon when I have a ton of stuff on my plate. Starting out so late in the afternoon makes me feel like my day is a wash. When I opened my eyes again, it was almost 1:30pm…so I rolled out of bed and took a shower. My brain is processing a lot at the moment, but I can’t say that’s anything that’s really new. Being home is nice, because it’s like, oh yeah…this is what it’s like to have… Continue Reading →

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